Assigning Pier and Spandrel Labeling in ETABS

Wall piers are typically assigned in the model to the wall over height of floor (as in Figure d below).

Often, it is more appropriate to assign the pier to the height of wall adjacent to opening (Figure a or c), resulting in better calculations of shear/moments from the area object directly above/below the opening.
Unlike wall pier elements, a single wall spandrel element can include area
objects from two adjacent story levels. For Spandrel labeling you can follow the following figure

Author: zstructures

I am structural Engineer working in a reputable firm in Los Angeles

5 thoughts on “Assigning Pier and Spandrel Labeling in ETABS”

  1. sir,
    How can we design the post tensioned building using SAP2000.Can u explain the push over analysis with an example


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