Area of Reinforcement in SAFE

SAFE reports Area of reinforcement in unit lentgh2/length (mm2/m, cm2/m, and in2/ft).
For calculating Number of bars@spacing, do the following:

Select Bar Diameter, multiply its area with strip width & divide Strip width by required Area of steel.

Assume we get strip Area of Reinf. from SAFE, As = 323 mm2 /m
suppose T10 mm diameter bar, Ab = 78.5 mm2
Check the strip width from SAFE, Assume, Ws = 1 m
Spacing can be calculated in this way, S = Ab x Ws/As

Therefore, S =  78.5×1/323 = 0.243 m

Provide T10@225mm Spacing,
As = 78.5×1/0.225 = 348.88 mm2/m


Author: zstructures

I am structural Engineer working in a reputable firm in Los Angeles

One thought on “Area of Reinforcement in SAFE”

  1. Hello, I want to ask about the area of footing:
    How could I know whether the area of footing is enough or not using SAFE

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