Punching Shear Ratio in SAFE

SAFE: Punching shear results are displayed as a ratio of maximum calculated shear with respect to capacity. A ratio above 1.0 would indicate capacity was exceeded somewhere along the critical section. The ratio is displayed for each column and each point load. A notation of N/C means the value was not calculated by the program. From my experience i have found that SAFE punching shear calculation are conservative, therefore i always check manually if SAFE displays ratio more than 1.0.

Author: zstructures

I am structural Engineer working in a reputable firm in Los Angeles

3 thoughts on “Punching Shear Ratio in SAFE”

  1. I am Wasimur Rahman , Structural Engineer working in a consultancy firm Dhaka , Bangladesh. Do you help me about structural design of pile for horizontal load


  2. For interior columns, hand calculation and safe results will converge. However, for corner columns, SAFE is conservative since they introduce I23 into their calculation (Ixy doesn’t figure in PCA notes).


  3. kindly explain punching shear ratio calculations for unbalanced moments with an example for an interior and corner column case when the punching perimeters are overlapping as in case of pile caps design.


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