Non Linear Static (Or PUSHOVER) Analysis

Pushover Process-SAP2000/ETABS

Detailed Tutorial for PUSHOVER Analysis – SAP2000


Author: zstructures

I am structural Engineer working in a reputable firm in Los Angeles

8 thoughts on “Non Linear Static (Or PUSHOVER) Analysis”

  1. plz send me tutorial of push over analysis in etab and sap . im pg student . And my topic of thesis is push over analysis .plz send me as sson as possible.


  2. halo sir,, thanks to give some tutorial,, i strudent from indo, i also still make skripsi about pushover,, and i use etabs,, do you have tutorial push over use etabs? thanks alot


  3. can i use the same tutorial procedure of pushover analysis on bridge structure?. Hope you may help for my master research.Thank you.


  4. yes, i agree with boby. I am student from indonesia too. Please send me tutorial pushover using ETABS software. Cause my thesis use ETABS software. Thanks before.. 🙂


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