Before running P-Delta analysis, always check the model for simple modal analysis and gravity loads to make sure that analysis model has no stability issues or other warnings/errors.
I have tried two methods for running P-Delta, both are explained below, hope this will be helpful.

Method 1: Initial P-Delta

1. Define load case for e.g “P-Delta” with

2. Include all dead load cases in that P-Delta case

3. For all load cases click on ” the Stiffness at end of nonlinear case” to activate it and select “P-Delta” load case in the drop down menu.

4. Run the analysis, SAP will include the P-delta effects.

Method 2: Non-Linear Load combos

1. Convert all the load combos into Non-Linear P-Delta case



2. For all other load cases keep the zero initial condition

3. Run the analysis, it will include the P-delta effects.

Author: zstructures

I am structural Engineer working in a reputable firm in Los Angeles

2 thoughts on “SAP2000 P-DELTA”

  1. Sir, I just want to ask,I’m currently doing a project where all columns are terminated at the ground floor (basement-ground) and from ground to second floor to roof but due to architectural design there are some columns w/c need to move located in 1st floor,hence, the column supposed continuously from basement to roof deck will end only till 1st floor.
    the question is it safe or advisable in structural view to put a concrete columns located on 1st floor supported by beams only instead of foundations?


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