About Me!!

I am structural engineer working in a reputed firm in West Los Angeles, Caifornia. I am licensed Civil Engineer in State of California. Please feel free to contact me about any issue related to Structural Engineering specially if you have question related to ETABS, SAFE, SAP2000 and Perfrom3D.

11 comments on “About Me!!
  1. Teodor says:

    Great blog. simplicity. i’m a civil eng from Romania.

    • zstructures says:

      Thank you for the comments.please let me know when ever you are looking for new topic. Z

      • KK says:

        Do you use ETABS for Response Spectrum Analsysis. As SRSS results are without sign (positive), how is it transferred to SAFE?

      • zstructures says:

        Yes, I use Response spectrum cases in ETABS but I don’t use these cases for foundation design because of lost of sign. Therefore I use ELF load cases but reduce the reactions by 25% as per ASCE chapter 12, which allows 25% reduction for overturning moment for ELF cases and 10% reduction for RS cases.

  2. Umar Saeed says:

    Hello friend… Nice site… I am a fresh Civil Engineer, and I have started to work on ETABS, SAFE and SAP2000 professionally…

    you can contect me on umar.saeed88@hotmail.com
    there are different questions I have regrading ETABS.
    I hope you can help me…!

  3. Umar Saeed says:

    Can you describe where should we define PIER and SPANDREL.
    What is the main difference?

    • Shoja says:

      Pier labeling for vertical loading in which gives you input taking from upside of wall and results in output from downside of wall in case of reinforcement design; unlikely, Spandrel labeling are for left side to right side consideration.

  4. jk says:

    Is there many structural engineering jobs in Los Angeles these days? I’m a structural engineer from Toronto, but i’m drawn to the Californian climate.

  5. Teodor says:

    do you use perform3d? how is it in comparasion with etabs?

    you can caontact me by email or msn:teodor.cojanu@live.com or yahoo id:teocojanu


  6. mohammed says:

    Dear Engineer
    Recently for one of my structural designs, the Authority engineer asked me to check the structure for torsional eccentricity. The structure is only 8 floors and is almost regular. I informed the engineer that as per clause 12.9.5 of the ASCE 07 code regarding Horizontal Shear Distribution, the amplification for torsion per is not required where accidental torsional effects are included in the dynamic analysis Model. He stated that this is true only for Flexible diaphragms. Since Etabs does not have the option for Flexible diaphragms, we assign the slabs as Semi Rigid Diaphragm. Then we need to check and design for torsional eccentricity.
    Its not clear how the clause 12.9.5 is made as applicable to Structures with Flexible Diaphragms only.
    Can you kindly clarify this?

    • zstructures says:

      Sorry for late reply, I was not able to update my blog for sometime due to some issues.
      Back to your question, if you assign the diaphragm with small out of plane stiffness then it will act like a Flexible diaphragm and by assigning the Semi Rigid option you will be able to get the distribution due to torsion eccentricity. You should be able to confirm the results by performing hand calculation. Please let me know how did you resolve this.


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