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Zero Compression Element

When we want to model tension cable rods or any member with zero compression  and want to use finite element model for this purpose then follow the procedure below. This procedure is written considering CSI products (SAP or ETABS) but

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Non Linear Static (Or PUSHOVER) Analysis

Pushover Process-SAP2000/ETABS Detailed Tutorial for PUSHOVER Analysis – SAP2000

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The Solution Lost Error in ETABS

What does the warning message “lost 6.4 digits of accuracy” mean? ETABS equation solutions are performed in double precision arithmetic, which allows for 15 significant figures. If you have global or local instability (e.g., a node that is not restrained),

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Back Stay effect in Tall buildings

A very informative paper about shear reversal or Back stay effects in Tall buildings. Shear Reversals in Walls

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Local Axes in ETABS

Vertical Line Objects. For vertical line objects the local axes have the following default orientation: Local axis 1 is along the line object. The positive local 1 axis is in the same direction as the positive global Z-axis, upward. Local

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