Google Drive: A Quick Design Tool

Since now a days everyone is using smart phones therefore it always attracts me to do something creative for field of structural engineering. Lots of time to I thought about writing an App but for that I need to learn

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AISC 14 Design Examples

Also available for free download at

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SAP2000-Accidental Torsion in Response-Spectrum Case

NOTE: This discussion applies only to SAP2000. ETABS automatically includes the accidental eccentricity specified in the response-spectrum load case. To consider accidental torsion in a response-spectrum case, eccentricity should be added as a separate static load case. The response-spectrum (SPEC)

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I found this problem when I was importing HSS sections from AISC profile file, that the default material for HSS is not 46ksi and all the tube were imported with Fy=50ksi. It was tedious to go and change every HSS

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Punching Shear Check Using ADAPT PT Unbalanced Moments

Punching Shear Check Using ADAPT PT Unbalanced Moments Extracting Unbalanced Moment from ADAPT 1. Analyze the strip using EFM (Equivalent Frame Method) in ADAPT PT and click on the report which will open the report generator form 2. On report

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