PE Examination

I will be posting material related to Professional Engineer Exam preparation at this location. Keep checking my Blog, subscribe for all the updates or leave comment if you are looking for something special. Good luck to all who are planning to appear for PE exam!!!

NOTE:: I am just posting the link of the material from others therefore if you find out any copyright material then please let me know and I will delete the link for that particular document from my BLOG.



2 thoughts on “PE Examination”

  1. hi, i need some help on basic structural dynamics.
    I am trying to solve a ‘free vibration’ problem for a simple portal frame. The Eigen equation was of the form ([K]-w2[M])x=0 —–Eqn 1.
    This generalized eqn converted to std Eigen format by multiplying throughout by [M]-1, and the equation is now ([M]-1.[K]-w2)y=0 ——Eqn 2.
    I understand that the Eigen value ‘w2’ will remain same after this transformation. My doubt is how to arrive at the Eigen vectors of the initial generalized eqn.
    I cross checked the time period using commercial software and the Eigen values were exactly matching, so no doubt in the mass and stiffness matrices.
    The consistent mass method was used for developing the mass matrices.
    Kindly guide to solve the Eigen vectors which will lead me to the mode shapes.
    Thanks in advance,


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